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Just what is it about Hitchin……?

A medieval market town in Hertfordshire, Hitchin is more than just another boring English town. Far from typical, there are soHitchin Townme really cool things to do and see in Hitchin, from the historic market and a comedy club to an outdoor swimming pool; Hitchin even has its own music festival to boast about!

With easy access by train, bus and motorway you’re never too far from the hustle and bustle of London’s big city life (it’s only 35 minutes to Kings Cross you know), whilst still being able to escape to a more laid-back and community driven haven at the end of the day. It’s this community feel that really gives Hitchin a one-up over other towns and it’s the people here, their attitudes and ideas that help to add to the creative buzz of the town. Forget Camden, Soho or anywhere else, Hitchin has enough interesting shops, cafes and restaurants to put other cultural meccas to shame!

Hitchin MarketNoted for its specialist shops and independent businesses, you’re more likely to find handmade trinkets here than mass-produced gifts. You don’t often walk down a high street in England (or anywhere else for that matter) these days without seeing the same endless stream of global chains as everywhere else, and whilst you can still get your fix of M&S, Next and New Look, there’s also a whole host of original and unusual shops and boutiques to tickle your fancy.

From Rosita Lollipops treasure trove of vintage delights (it was even voted by The telegraph magazine as being one of the best small shops in Britain) to the more traditional feel of Hawkins of Hitchin, which has been a family owned department store for over 150 years, I can’t help but become invested in the unpredictable and cozy feel of Hitchin’s small and independent shops. Offering personal, genuine service, expertise and knowledge, you’re more than a customer when you shop locally, and it’s the retailers and owners of these businesses that make Hitchin an authentic and exciting place to be.

The vast selection of independent restaurants, shops and cafes available in Hitchin are the cornerstone upon which the whole community is built, and I would be sad to see any of them go to make way for more mainstream corporations like any other town. It’s bakeries like Deli Quotidian and The Cake Hole, ‘trendy & friendly’ fashion boutiques like Rubarb and What Sarah Did and beauty/hair salons with a cool, retro vibe like Dolly Mixtures and Farleys that make Hitchin such a unique and original environment.

Historic, unique and a little bit eccentric, Hitchin is a town unlike any other in the rest of the UK and it’s the wealth of unusual and imaginative independent retailers that keep it this way.  Preserving these extra special facets of such extraordinary towns like Hitchin is one of the reasons I decided to do what I now do.

Here at Long Game Digital, we love nothing more than to work with and support small independent businesses and help them to create, curate and expand their online presence through custom websites and social media. An online presence can do so much for a business of any size, and its amazing just how much of an impact an up to date and approachable online presence can make. Especially when it comes to small, local or independent businesses, a good website or Facebook profile can make all the difference in gaining new customers, and more importantly, keeping them engaged and getting them to come back again!

Hitchin seems to have got it right, but sadly, we live in a world where it is becoming increasingly difficult for small businesses and sole traders to set up and compete with the big boys, and places like this are becoming harder and harder to find. There are so many unique and imaginative businesses out there but often we are unaware that they even exist because they simply aren’t being marketed effectively and to the right people.

Using a professional to manage your social media and digital marketing frees up your time so that you can get on with doing what you do best. We work with  small and independent local businesses because it’s what we love and what we want to see more of.

If you think that we may be able to help you please get in touch with us for a chat on: 08433 832733

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