Search Engine Optimisation

Getting Your Website Found Online

At Long Game Digital we understand the importance of good SEO and the benefits it can bring to your business, including expanding brand awareness and increasing profits. There is no greater return than that which comes comes from increasing online traffic to your website. As such, we feel that investing in good SEO is as important, if not more important, than the investments most business owners make in general marketing materials.

We will work hard to develop a strategy that will drive traffic to your website from the search engines’ organic results list, pushing your website to rank as highly as possible within Google the major search engines – this action should see a noticeable increase in the number of visitors your site receives.

Beating your competitors to potential new business is a challenge that all local businesses face – using our professional local SEO services will put you one step ahead, helping to ensure that new customers find your business first.

Before we start implementing the SEO process, we will work closely with you to determine exactly what it is that you want your visitors to do once they reach your website. For example – should they call you? Should they fill in a form or sign up for your newsletter? It’s important that visitors to your site know what it is that they need to do when they get there, and they are much more likely to do it if you tell them. Combined with the increased traffic we’ll bring to your site, more of these visitors are likely to be converted into customers.

So, with a well optimised website, how much more traffic are you likely to get? There’s no clear-cut answer to this and it very much depends on your market, your competition and the keywords that you decide to optimise your site for. One of the most important parts of SEO, and what makes up a huge part of our initial work is keyword research. At Long Game Digital we will carefully select the best keywords for driving traffic to your business. We will determine which words have a high search volume but lower competition as the more competitive a keyword is, the longer it will take to rank highly for.

At Long Game Digital our aim is to optimise your website in a such a way to bring relevant traffic to your website. By ‘relevant’ traffic, we mean the people that are searching for exactly what your business is offering, as these are the people more likely to turn into your customers.

Our professional SEO service is fully ‘white-hat’ and transparent and we play firmly by Google’s rules – we will never use tricks or ‘black-hat’ tactics to achieve rankings. Google is smart, and using techniques that they disapprove of can lead to quick-wins, but long-term problems. We do everything we can to achieve long-term Google success.

Ultimately, there is little point in your business having a website if it doesn’t recieve any visitors. By using our targeted services, your business is more likely to experience growth – a far better use of money and resource than a scattergun approach for untargeted leads.